Dallas vs Atlanta

Dallas vs Atlanta Live Stream: How to Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Atlanta Hawks Live Online, live update, what TV Channel, TV Schedule, online streaming, odds & match preview and more info.

Dallas vs Atlanta Live

This visit will end the preseason run for the Mavericks. Dallas are looking very good at the moment. They recently won against the Magic and looked very strong defensively. Dennis Smith Jr led scoring for the Mavs with 16 points. The dangerous part about the Mavs is their versatility when it comes to their attack. Smith Jr wasn’t the only scorer.

Nowitzki and Barnes also put up a combined 24 points. Dallas can score from all different areas of the court and in different ways too. The Hawks will have to be prepared for this and make sure that their defence is on point throughout the game. They cannot take their foot of the pedal.

The Hawks have just beat the Grizzlies, so they are also in good form. The interesting thing about this game, is the Hawks are looking strong defensively, and so are the Mavs. This is a game where both teams look good on defence but they also both have attacking options. It is likely that this will be a close game.

It is unlikely that one team will be extremely dominant. You will notice that scoring will be made difficult for some of the best shooters on each team. The Hawks cannot be intimidated by the fire power that the Mavericks have, they just need to go and play their best basketball.


Philadelphia vs Brooklyn Live

Philadelphia vs Brooklyn Live Stream, How To Watch Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets Live TV Info, Team News, live update, what TV Channel, TV Schedule, online streaming, odds & match preview and more info.

Philadelphia vs Brooklyn Live

The Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets match is going up for 7:30 PM EST later today evening. The match will be happening at the Nassau Coliseum in East Garden City, New York.

The Philadelphia 76ers are currently 0-3 in the NBA 2017-18 preseason. A winless start is not a good start to a preseason and could lead to a bad regular season as well if they don’t have enough confidence buildup early on. Their opponents, the Brooklyn Nets are 3-0 and full of confidence and positivity.

Embiid and McConnell have much higher scores than those of the Nets team leaders. This means that the Sixers are in a better position. However, if the Sixers can’t tap into this advantage, they might lose you another match.

Their losses so far have been against the Memphis Grizzlies (110-89) and the Boston Celtics (110-102 and 96-113). We will be looking forward to how the players perform this time. If the team loses, we will have to downgrade our optimism for the Philly team.